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438Re: Anyone Willing to Beta Test a new emulator

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  • herc_fun
    Nov 1, 2002
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      --- In cosmacelf@y..., "bill_rowe_ottawa" <bill.rowe@r...> wrote:
      > I've been working on an 1802 emulator ...
      > If anyone is willing to put some effort into beta testing ...

      I think many of the list members would enjoy kicking the tires on
      this. It is unfortunate that Bill Richman's emulator has a bug or
      two and is somewhat limited in terms of memory size/configuration
      etc. and it appears there's no chance of getting that fixed. Your
      work-of-art-in-development may be just what the group needs to re-
      kindle elf fever.

      I think you should keep a current development snapshot in the group
      files area (currently 3413 Kb used of 20480 Kb total). That way
      group members can test it out and comment back to the group at their

      What do you think?

      (also in Ottawa)
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