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437Anyone Willing to Beta Test a new emulator

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  • bill_rowe_ottawa
    Nov 1, 2002
      I've been working on an 1802 emulator and it's at the stage where it
      could use someone else testing it. I plan to make it freely
      available with Visual Basic Source Code.

      I got into doing this because I wanted to be able to access a
      keyboard and implement a Forth interpreter that I developed in the
      70s (I also didn't realize just how much work it was going to be).

      It's a bit slow so far so the 1861 emulation is a bit painful. I
      don't want to optimize it until I'm sure it's correct as written.

      If anyone is willing to put some effort into beta testing I'd be
      happy to send you a copy to try. I'd also be grateful for any
      examples of code -preferably not 1861-dependent.
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