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3970Magazine article on the CDP1861 "Pixie"

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  • Robert Armstrong
    Sep 1, 2005

      There's an article in this month's Circuit Cellar Ink magazine,


      that gives the details of how to use programmable logic to replace the
      CDP1861. Yes, it was written by me and it's about the STG1861 :-) The
      piece was actually written back in January, but magazine publishing being
      what it is it hasn't been printed until now.

      You can by the entire printed issue, either mail order or from a news
      stand, or you can purchase the pdf of this article alone from the CCI web
      site. I think purchasing one article costs about a dollar, but don't quote
      me on that.

      If you like it, be sure to email Jennifer (Huber, the editor) and let her

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