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3859Studio II schematics?

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  • erd_6502
    Jun 18, 2005
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      I forget if I've already asked here or not, but does anyone have
      schematics for the RCA Studio II? I have one here that responds in a
      reasonable fashion to button pushing in terms of beeps and noises, but
      with absolutely no picture. Scoping the video area seems to indicate
      that the TA-whatever Pixie chip is emitting reasonable signal for
      video, but nothing seems to be coming out on the TV screen.

      To ensure maximum signal compatibility, I am using an old B&W TV,
      tuned to the right channel, etc.

      So... if I suspect the problem is in the (onboard) RF modulator, does
      anyone have a schematic so I can trace out where the signal stops
      being passed along? There's a CA3086 5-NPN DIP in there that I'm
      currently somewhat suspicious of, if for no other reason, the other
      components in there look somewhat robust (1/4 W resistors and ceramic
      disc capacitors and a few coils).

      Thanks for any pointers to info,

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