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3638Re: Studio II schematics?

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  • awasson2001
    May 1 9:07 PM
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      I'll get to the Studio II schematic in a minute but I have to say

      I really lucked out!

      I picked up a STG ELF-2K for a very good price from a chap that built
      it recently with an old ceramic CDP1802 CD. As it turns out, I could
      not have purchased the parts & partial kit for less than what I paid.

      It had nothing to do with me being clever. I was all but ready to go
      to Bob's site and order the parts when I saw this one on ebay and bid
      what I figured was too low but... What the heck. I didn't even stay up
      to watch the end of the auction. I didn't think I stood a chance of
      getting it. Low and behold, I got it. It wasn't me it was just dumb
      luck and so here I have sitting in front of me an STG Elf2K and it's
      just so darn cool!

      It's kinda similar to my Quest Elf and also a little similar to the
      Elf II I used to have but I know deep inside of it there's a bunch of
      more Ram, Expansion and a serial port. The fellow who built it also
      burned a ROM with ELF 2K Ver23 (I think?). I've got some learning to do.

      Now, I have to get the STG1861 replacement and of course the COSMAC
      Elf 2000 disk (CompactFlash), UART, Clock and Non-Volatile RAM
      expansion option. (I wish I had this while you were beta testing it.)
      I'm already working on the HEX Keypad which I'll add

      Bob, I've been drooling over the Elf2K since I first saw it on your
      site back in December but to actually switch it on is another story.
      This puppy rocks!

      * RCA STUDIO II *

      I have a diagram of the Studio II. It isn't detailed and really is a
      block diagram. I'll scan it when I have a moment and upload it. It's
      part of that document I mentioned earlier about Converting a studio
      into a microcomputer.

      This is really neat document from March 3 1979 and I will scan it in
      entirety as soon as I can so that it can be added to the site.


      --- In cosmacelf@yahoogroups.com, "erd_6502" <erd_6502@y...> wrote:
      > --- In cosmacelf@yahoogroups.com, "awasson2001" <andrew@l...> wrote:
      > > Hi Ethan,
      > > Have you checked the RCA modulator for a faulty switch or leaky
      > > etc..? If your Studio II is in fairly good shape, that's where I'd
      > > look first.
      > I have not opened the RF switchbox, if that's what you mean (the
      > modulator would be built into the main board, under the RF shield).
      > Its switch does turn the unit on and off, but I'm not going to swear
      > that it's working perfectly.
      > I'll start there; thanks for the tip.
      > > I've got some Studio stuff coming this weekend (Sunday) including
      > > set of plans for extending it as a micro computer (sort of). It's
      > > possible there's a set of schematics as well. I'll post whatevewr
      > find.
      > Nice. I've heard of those plans and I've always wanted to see
      > Can't wait.
      > -ethan
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