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3635Re: Studio II schematics?

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  • erd_6502
    May 1, 2005
      --- In cosmacelf@yahoogroups.com, "awasson2001" <andrew@l...> wrote:
      > Hi Ethan,
      > Have you checked the RCA modulator for a faulty switch or leaky cap,
      > etc..? If your Studio II is in fairly good shape, that's where I'd
      > look first.

      I have not opened the RF switchbox, if that's what you mean (the
      modulator would be built into the main board, under the RF shield).
      Its switch does turn the unit on and off, but I'm not going to swear
      that it's working perfectly.

      I'll start there; thanks for the tip.

      > I've got some Studio stuff coming this weekend (Sunday) including a
      > set of plans for extending it as a micro computer (sort of). It's
      > possible there's a set of schematics as well. I'll post whatevewr I

      Nice. I've heard of those plans and I've always wanted to see them.
      Can't wait.

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