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31Space Invaders

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  • herc_fun
    Mar 2, 2002
      Hi group, I'm a newbie here. I have an awesome Space Invaders game
      that I wrote about 20 years ago for the ELF II. Full graphics and
      gameroom action and all. It even makes Q click when you hit suff! (If
      you were one of those folks who pu a speaker on Q). I still have
      machine readable source code for it (actually the code exists on a
      mainframe where my 1802 cross-assembler lives). I want to run this
      code again but my actual ELF hardware is somewhat less than operative.
      What's the status of emulators for ELF II? (I know there is the
      original ELF emulator complete with toggles but is needs the 4k
      expansion card etc...) Anyone got an interest in this?

      Old but sill 8bit at heart.
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