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3Tiny Basic...It's alive!!

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  • aa3nm
    Jan 1, 2002
      Well, since I posted this info on the old forum, I think I should
      post it here as well.

      I have a copy of Tom Pittman's Tiny Basic for the 1802. Originally
      it was on 2-1k proms. I've coppied it onto 2k proms, modified the code
      to jump to a 300 baud I/O routine (I have the rs232 iption on my
      Super Elf) which is also in prom.

      I have copies of the code in several electronic formats and can make
      copies of the original manuals if needed. I am willing to share but
      there are several customizable subtlties related to formats and I/O
      routines that need to be discussed if TB is to run "out of the box".

      Currently my Super ELF comes up running Tiny Basic at 300 baud. (I do
      use a Pentium Laptop as a dumb terminal to talk to it, still it's
      nice be able to program in basic again.)

      On the "wants list"... I have the manual for Quest's editor
      assembler... I know I had the tape to go with it, but it seems to
      have vanished. Does anyone have a copy?

      and nice forum,

      Steve Gemeny
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