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2619Re: Does anybody have any 1861 chips for sale or trade?

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  • Alfred R. Winfrey
    Dec 2, 2004
      Hi Ethan!

      The simple games on the Studio II were fun even though the Atari games
      of that time period were more elaborate and had better resolution.
      There were rumors about an Elf simulation on the Studio II for a while
      but I never saw an actual writeup.

      One short fall with using the Studio II as an Elf might be the limited
      pinouts available on the cartridge connector. For example, it's
      unclear to me if they brought out the N lines and other timing signals
      and whether or not the Studio II internal decoding can be temporarily
      suspended via a line from the cartridge connector.

      Of course one could make use of the video display to simulate the
      led's and switches for I/O but it would still not be as versatile as a
      wire-wrap Elf (without making hardware modifications to the Studio II


      --- In cosmacelf@yahoogroups.com, "erd_6502" <erd_6502@y...> wrote:
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      > >
      > > The first TA10171V1 chips that I saw came from RCA Studio II
      > > video games. I have two of the chips that were removed from
      > > the Studio II games but sorry, they aren't for sale. I
      > > really wish I had one of the old Studio II games back along with
      > > some catridges but that's hind-sight for you!
      > I have the Studio II (free from a friend), and a few carts ($5 each
      > at the Dayton Hamfest)... what I wish I had is the fabled
      > instructions I've heard about to build a "computer cartridge" that
      > is supposed to turn the Studio II into an Elf-like computer. I don't
      > know much about it, but would love to see the plans.
      > -ethan
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