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2445Assorted parts, round 2

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  • J.C. Wren
    Oct 3, 2004
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      The first round of parts has completed, so whatever's left is up for
      grabs. I found another two 1869/1870 sets, two SCP1802LE CPUs, and a
      rather rare find (first time I've seen any) of 12 CDP1862CEs. These are
      the color generators that go with the '61. To see what's available,
      check < http://tinymicros.com/1802 >. E-mail me for any parts you
      want. First come, first serve. Anything left over this time next week
      hits eBay. Remember that data sheets for most of these parts are
      available at < http://www.cosmacelf.com/docs.htm >.

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