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2263Re: [cosmacelf] Re: 2102's

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  • Robert L. Doerr
    Jul 8, 2004
      On the subject of those chips do you know if there were other numbers
      for them? I have several NEC D445LC chips that could be memory chips
      but I can't seem to locate a discription for that chip or datasheet to
      confirm that. Anyone in the group know what the NEC D445LC chip might
      be? Please let me know.



      Richard wrote:

      > For those who was getting lost on this conversation, Me as well.
      > after some digging, I found why there was a need for both of these chips.
      > The elf II's motherboard uses the 2101 256x4 rams.
      > and the 4k expantion board uses the 2102's accually 32 of them.
      > I scraped out one of my 4k boards, years ago. and added a nvram to it. So If
      > more 2102's is needed I'm sure I have at least 32 of them.
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