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2185Re: [cosmacelf] Test Equipment and Circuit Debugging, was Re: surplus MSI/88e

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  • Mark Graybill
    Jun 3, 2004
      On Jun 2, 2004, at 11:05 PM, sbirdasn wrote:

      > There's also BITSCOPE, a budget (or even roll your own if you like)
      > A/D and logic (8-bits) capture-to-PC interface card.
      > Link: http://www.bitscope.com/
      > Maybe $300-400 is a bit much for your idea of "budget", but it's not
      > bad compared to $4-6K (or more) for "real" test gear.

      Saelig also has inexpensive 8-bit and 16-bit USB-based logic analyzers
      (a bit over $200 and $300 with clips):

      There are probably some other similar products elsewhere. There's also
      SoftLA, an old DOS program that B.G. Micro still sells for about $30,
      add your own hardware to your PC parallel port for inputs. It saves the
      trouble of writing the software, and allows 16 channels on
      bidirectional ports. And being an "old DOS program" is no judgement on
      its capability, a friend of mine who is also an
      instrumentation/controls engineer swears by it.

      Personally I prefer instruments that don't require a PC attached, but
      PC-based instruments can be awfully cheap if you consider the PC
      already paid for.

      Lee's approach of using an Elf is pretty neat. To give yourself more
      "bandwidth" you can reduce the operating frequency of the Elf under
      study. When I first build one up, I usually start by clocking it off a
      signal generator at 100KHz or so to make it easier to watch what's
      going on (I've gone as low as 1Hz or clocked it off a switch, too.)

      -Mark G.
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