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2180Re: surplus MSI/88e

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  • mc71de
    Jun 2, 2004
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      Hi all,

      --- "Robert L. Doerr" <rdoerr@b...> wrote:

      > [...] the old RCA Studio II game console uses that chip.

      Yes, that's true. Anyone interested in a CDP1864 might want to look
      for an MPT-02 console or clone thereof (NOT the -03, that's a
      totally different beast!) in PAL video standard- not sure if they
      also had NTSC?

      > You might be able to pickup one of those
      > for a fair price and take out that chip.

      True... if i were not for comments like 'NO international bidders
      please, I will only ship within the United States due to the ability
      to track packages' (btw he should read the terms of international
      shippin and tracking...) or the slightly higher shipping cost-
      Studio-II's are almost non-existant outside the U.S., and the PAL
      clones are as rare as something can be. You easily come close to the
      UKP50 quote anyway...

      Max (also looking for one of these rare chips...)
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