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2179Re: [cosmacelf] Re: surplus MSI/88e

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  • Robert L. Doerr
    Jun 1, 2004
      > In message <60E9EE56-B365-11D8-A333-000A95B38680@...>
      > Mark Graybill <saundby@...> wrote:
      >>The only quote I've gotten recently on 1861's was from the UK, however.
      >>But at £49 and a minimum order of 5 pieces they were a bit steep for
      > At this point in time, I'd love to get a CDP1861, if only so I've got a spare
      > for my COSMAC Elf. In the meantime, if the 1861 dies, I'm up the creek in a
      > chicken-wire canoe.

      If you really need one I believe that the old RCA Studio II game
      console uses that chip. You might be able to pickup one of those
      for a fair price and take out that chip.


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