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2119Re: [cosmacelf] Re: HP 5082-7640 Replacements

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  • Mark Graybill
    May 5, 2004
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      > Hex displays always were expensive. ISTR the ones I bought for my
      > Quest Elf were at least $15 each in 1979.

      Yes, I remember paying the same for mine in 1977 or so. I grumbled a
      bit because TIL311's were cheaper then, too, about $10-12.

      > I've had luck with occasionally finding them on ePay. One auction had
      > a lot with two HP 5082-7640s, four TIL-311s and a couple of DS1417s (4
      > char ASCII displays as seen in the Rockwell AIM-65). I don't think I
      > paid more than $30 for the entire set, incl. S&H. TIL-311s (or
      > equivalents) are rather common to find. The HPs are the rarer ones.

      Yes, the TIL-311's are still available from many hobbyist vendors. One
      advantage of the recent downturn, though, is that a lot of the
      distributors who wouldn't deal with small lots before will do so now.
      As a person whose business involves turning out small lots of
      engineering prototypes this has helped me out quite a bit as well.

      > Still... it's nice to know that you can still find the original
      > form-factor, though. Personally, I'd use TIL-311s in anything except
      > a Popular Electronics design... they are slightly larger, easier to
      > find, and, IIRC, have a seperate power input for the LEDs (for
      > low-power designs)

      I use the TIL-311's in the Elfs my students build, largely because I
      want it to be easy for them to get replacements after they leave my
      class. This year we're probably going to add the seperate switch for
      the LED power to take advantage of the seperate logic and LED supplies
      on the TIL311, since once we move on to using a terminal the hex
      display is seldom referred to. I've considered making the display turn
      off under logical control, maybe in a future rev.

      It is nice that the original display is still availble. It's such a
      nice part, but _extremely_ expensive. I wish I could get into the
      disposal chain for old large-chassis HP3000's and HP9000/800's, they
      had a small console that used the hex displays as well as several other
      interesting components. Not to mention all the MSI parts, 8-bit CPUs,
      etc. on the boards inside the chassis. Unfortunately, most of these are
      being crushed for materials recovery when they are disposed of.

      -Mark G.
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