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2117HP 5082-7640 Replacements

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  • Mark Graybill
    May 4, 2004
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      In the course of some other work, I learned that Agilent is still in
      current production of Hexadecimal displays. The current part numbers
      are as follows:
      HDSP-0762 Red Hex display
      HDSP-0772 High Brightness Red Hexadecimal Display
      HDSP-0862 Yellow Hex display
      HDSP-0962 Green Hex display

      These are direct replacements for the 5082-7640 (at least the 0762 is,
      the others are pin-compatible with the display differences noted.)

      The bad news on these parts is the price. In small quantities they run
      about $30 apiece, the cheapest I found was the green display, which
      runs just under $23 apiece from Arrow Electronics (www.arrow.com.) The
      price on the green display from Avnet-Marshall is about the same, but
      they don't have any in stock.

      Of course, if you buy in quantities of 5000 or more you can get them
      for less than $20 apiece...

      -Mark G.
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