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19Re: Hello all

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  • stew_m_3
    Feb 5, 2002
      "druske" <dave@r...> wrote:

      > I suppose you could try
      > posting to the Classic Computer mailing list, there are folks there
      > with all manner of strange antiques:
      > http://www.classiccmp.org

      Hahaha, Dave. Telling Lee to post to that CP/M list is like teaching
      your grandma to suck eggs, as the saying goes. He is an old timer on
      there, one of the mainstays, the guys with the answers when the rest of
      us have a question! Hey, Lee, I see you found us on the new yahoo ELF
      list! Welcome aboard. This 1802 revival needs chaps like you who were
      there in the beginning. It is curious and wonderful, the appeal this
      little chip continues to have! All the best for now,

      cheers, Stewart Marshall

      Marshall Systems
      Lopez Island, WA
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