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1765Re: [cosmacelf] Re: PseudoSam 18 Assembler To New Assembler

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  • Lee Hart
    Jan 1, 2004
      richardep20002000 wrote:
      > OK the add is in 0xff,0Xff,0XFF,0efh,0EFH,#FF,0xFFFF,
      > 327o,and 20O (that 20 letter O)
      > All Work!!

      Sounds good. The only question is why "#" for hex? If I recall
      correctly, the Motorola family micros (68xx) assemblers all use "#" for
      immediate mode addressing. For example, LDAA #25 loads decimal 25 into
      accumulator A. Motorola assemblers use "$" as the leading character to
      indicate hexadecimal (i.e. $FF).
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