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15177"New" Ipso Facto Issues

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  • Dave Ruske
    Jul 9, 2014
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      I really had thought that Ipso Facto had ended with issue 46. In digging through some old papers, though, I discovered issues 47, 48, and 49. I’ll get these scanned and posted in the next day or two.

      ACE was clearly very much in decline by the time issue 47 published in April 1986, with editorials in issue 47 and 48 bemoaning the lack of article submissions. They squeezed out 30 pages for issue 47, and a remaining 9 for issue 48 (containing a single 5 page article by Michael Smith on implementing sonar).

      Issue 49 isn’t really so much an issue as a wryly humorous end cap to the successful run of Ipso Facto newsletters: It is a single cover page with a block of question marks for the table of contents, dated October 1986. Despite the lack of content, it deserves publication to complete the record.

      1986 ACE president John Norris concluded his final editorial in issue 48 with the phrase “contra mundrum.” According to the dictionary, (which speaks Latin much more fluently than I), this is likely a typo of “contra mundum”, which means “against the world.” By 1986, that accurately captured the state of general purpose 1802 computing.

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