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151701802 floating point routines from Dr. Dobbs and other sources

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  • bill rowe
    Jun 27, 2014
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      I was able to get a look at that issue and article.  I'll wait til I get a good photocopy from Lee to do anything with them and that may only be to poke around.  I will scan them and post them somewhere if no-one else has done so by then.

      The code is given as a hex listing and I think I'll have to disassemble some routines to see if they're of any interest(to me).  The storage format is non-standard and memory rather than register-based.

      As an aside to anyone who actually needs floating point routines for the 1802, there are some posted on mike reilley's site http://www.elf-emulation.com/software/fp.asm . I don't know the provenance of those but i know they're not the same as the DDJ ones and they're not the RCA ones.  I adapted the ones from Mike Reilley's site to use with the C compiler and they're available there(see sig below).

      As a further aside, the text of the DDJ article credits "Microprocessor programming for computer hobbyists" by Graham, Neill as the source of the algorithms.  I was wondering if anyone had the book and was it worth getting.

      As a further aside, one of the DDJ issues I leafed through had an article about "Falconer Floating Point" for the 8080.  There's a substantial writeup about that on Herb's retro-technology web site http://www.retrotechnology.com/herbs_stuff/float.html

      Bill Rowe
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      Subject: Re: [cosmacelf] 1802 floating point routines

      system3025 wrote:
      > Can you post it here too Lee? I'm interested in seeing those routines
      > too. I did a search for that issue and I can't find it for download.

      I do not have a scanner. But I can make a photocopy and mail it to you.
      Contact me off-list with your address.

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