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15083Re: [cosmacelf] RE: MC Rev G Ram Circuit

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  • Lee Hart
    Jun 7, 2014
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      bill rowe bill_rowe_ottawa@... [cosmacelf] wrote:
      >> There was only one circuit change in the memory section between rev.G
      >> and the earlier boards. Rev.B-F gated memory chip select with TPA, so
      >> the RAM was only chip-selected while TPA was high.

      > It was gated on TPB - right?

      Oops, you're right. It was TPB, not TPA. Memory was only enabled during
      TPB, when the full 16-bit address was stable. That worked with memory
      chips that latch the address when chip-select went low.

      > I actually have an stk16c88 nonvolatile sram in the circuit at the
      > moment.

      I'm not familiar with that part. Maybe it's causing problems?

      Normal static RAMs don't care what starts a memory cycle. Chip select
      and output enable could be grounded for all they care, and the output
      simply follows any changes in the address.

      But there are many modern "fast" memory chips with special sequencing
      requirements. The address might have to be stable when chip select goes
      low, or output enable can't occur until after chip select is low, etc.
      Maybe the STK16C88 has some special requirements like this?

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