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14687RE: Membership Card Serial Terminal Connection?

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  • wheagy2000
    Jan 15, 2014
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      I was referring to 


      down under the RAM/ROM Heading.  I did test the MC right after I installed the EPROM, but that was a few days ago before I swapped the EPROM pins 1 and 27 and I supposed there could have been a mishap since then, so I'll toggle something in again to be sure.

      Mark - I did double check P2 and P3 and they are configured as they were when I first assembled the MC (and as shown on your schematic).  I also suspected a problem with the new transistor, but as suggested, I would guess  that I wouldn't get any POST if that was the case.  I triple-checked the overall wiring, especially between the RAM and ROM (under magnification) to be sure it's correct.  It looks fine and there is continuity where there's supposed to be continuity.  

      I'll run through Herb's suggestions and see if I can find anything.



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