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14596Re: [cosmacelf] OT: The Most Minimal Homebrew Computer [feedly]

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  • Lee Hart
    Dec 9, 2013
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      joshbensadon@... wrote:
      > I think I remember seeing the screen slowing down, but I always thought
      > that was from the host... but now that you mention it, I can believe
      > [it was the CPU].

      A lot depends on how "smart" a terminal you were trying to make. An 80xx
      CPU can easily keep up at 9600 baud for a simple terminal that just
      displays one character for each character received, and sends one
      character for each key pressed.

      But a "smart" terminal may have to do a lot of processing for a single
      character received. There were ESC sequences to insert/delete lines,
      insert/delete characters, erase to end of line, etc. These are the ones
      that caused the CPU not to be able to keep up.

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