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14594Re: [cosmacelf] Coincidences with the 1802

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  • Charles Richmond
    Dec 8, 2013
      Our favorite pizza place here has a phone number whose last four
      digits are 1802...

      On Dec 8, 2013, at 9:35 AM, <joshbensadon@...>
      <joshbensadon@...> wrote:

      > I recently received an Ebay Saved search for the COSMAC 1802 chip.
      > The price was $18.02 and I thought this was done on purpose. But
      > when I checked the auction, it is a chip from China for US $16.95,
      > but with the present exchange rate, it came out to be exactly
      > $18.02 Canadian dollars. I took a screen shot, you can find in
      > photo's section under my folder.
      > Josh
      > PS. Value added message:
      > While imagining the 6502 costing $65.02 and 8080 for $80.80 it
      > reminded me of a trick that many restaurants use. Did you know most
      > restaurant menu's do not put dollar signs in front of the all the
      > prices. Psychologically, many dollar signs makes the menu look
      > more expensive.

      |.....Charles and Francis Richmond.......|
      |..plano dot net at aquaporin4 dot com...|
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