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14585Re: [cosmacelf] OT: The Most Minimal Homebrew Computer [feedly]

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  • garydidio
    Dec 7, 2013
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      ITss not 1820 but...

      I have a collection of DEC hardware.  I used to work for DEC central engineering terminals and printers


      I have VT100, 102, Vt125 Vt320 and VT330, VT1200,  7 Qbus PDP11 from LSI-through J11 cpu

      and 12 MicroVAX systems of QB us and 3100 series.  And a PDP8f. 

      I also have an amproLB+ with a 45mb SCSI drive the usual terminal for it is VT320 as its compact.

      That and large collection of SBC and S100 CP/M systems.  I still use the Ampro and the NS* Horizon

      S100 system running CPM as I built a large collection of modeling software over the years and its still

      useful.  I have one of the few VT185s (VT125 with VT180 CP/M option).

      The 1802 I have a original ELF I made when the PE article came out.  Still works but I had to replace the switches about 15 years ago.  I also have the full stack of E-ELF2000 mated to a CRT in a box that I like to play with as its portable and uses a PS2 keyboard.

      Other SBCs  IMSAI Imp48, Intersil Sampler(6100), Motorola 6800D1, various 8080, 8085 and Z80 SBCs.

      Vt220 used the 8051 family cpus.  The keyboard (LK201 also used 8051).

      Vt102 used the same display chassis and if the display is sharper its for other reasons like the VT100 had focus or other adjustment issues.  The primary difference was the 102 had many of the features of the 100

      with added on options built in but less not expandable and it was lower cost.


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