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14581Re: [cosmacelf] OT: The Most Minimal Homebrew Computer [feedly]

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  • Mark Graybill
    Dec 7, 2013
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      The 8748/8048 was a good controller, just slow. I've got the Odyssey 2 which is based on it.

      Back when it seemed quite expensive for what you got. I only got some after their time as commercial products had passed.

      The 8041 was also too expensive for what it did. It was cheaper to use a 6507, RAM & ROM in an intelligent peripheral, or a similar Z-80 setup, than an 8041 until it had been out for a while. I still have a tube of them and at least one 8741. It's a bit too limited for a general purpose processor. I've considered building a system around it as an exercise, but I always decide it's not fun enough when I get down to details--putting Palo Alto Tiny Basic on an 8031 is a lot easier and more fun. :)

      Mark, W8BIT

      On Dec 6, 2013 5:11 PM, <joshbensadon@...> wrote:

      I remember the VT-220.  I didn't like it as much as the VT-101.  I thought the keyboard was too thin and cheap.  I bet if you dropped a VT-101, it would have dented the floor instead of break... just kidding.

      I think I remember seeing the screen slowing down, but I always thought that was from the host... but now that you mention it, I can believe it.  I'm learning about the 4004 processor, and I think the 8048 was perhaps a step above the 4004.  But it explains the interfacing needed to go to a 8243 chip. I think that's the chip that has four 4-bit ports, or something like that.  It would be a very cool chip for 1974 but by 1976 it would have been a poor chip to choose. 

      I guess, somewhere, the 8048 chip got so cheap, it made sense to use them in the PC Keyboards.

      Oh, I remember this series had a set of Slave chips that were also programmable, the 8041. or 8741 eprom version.

      I should go look through those old data books... I'm sure to discover the reason we forget such chips.

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