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1448Re: [cosmacelf] Re: COSMAC ELF group storage allocation limits

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  • Paul Messinger
    Oct 1, 2003
      While I have not looked at the subject files I have the latest Full Acrobat
      and have a couple of comments.

      Word files are small in many cases because they assume the type fonts are
      part of word and not included in the word file. Great if you have the
      version of word used. Word has the included type fonts varing from verson to
      version and also file compatibility does change from version to version.

      PDF files include the type font data so If the PDF document includes several
      type fonts the file can grow quite large. The same graphic is very different
      in size depending on how it is scanned (more than the DPI used ) and post
      scan process used. Also the amount of Jpg compression can be a major factor.
      Never use raw scanned file, always use JPG or similar com

      My question is do we as a group want to preserve the data content or do we
      also want to preserve the original Look???

      I feel we should preserve the content and forget preserving the exact look.
      Sure keep the graphics in the same place but use a common font in the OCR
      process for text and use a monospaced font for lists. Scan in B/W and line
      art vs gray scale and 300DPI is the max.

      If you do a compairison between the PDF for a Microsoft Publisher document
      (that includes all the font info needed to a PDF the PDF is much much
      smaller and that is the only proper way to compare.

      BTW acrobat reader is now up to version 6 and any use of a prior version may
      give you bad results.

      I am scanning and OCR'ing the Quest 1802 documents and following the above
      process. Be advised I am using Acrobat V6 to produce and earlier readers may
      not work well or at all.

      Also be sure you have the latest reader version plus the small corrections
      that are made after the original release.

      In any event we need to use PDF as its the only standard "works anywhere" on
      either PC or MAC machines for file exchange.

      A little experimenting can drastically reduce PDF file size.

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