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14298Re: LM3900 replacement for CA3140 op-amp?

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  • somaspack
    Jul 22, 2013
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      It was the CA3401 that was bad.

      There was also a little bit of trouble with the VIP mono in/out cables correctly jiggling the computer hardware to think there was an input. A stereo 1/8" adapter fixed that.

      Recording to the computer and the VIP reading back works the same as a cassette recorder. I am using WAV format.


      > Hi All,
      > I spent a few nights working on my old VIP getting it running again.
      > One problem persists. I tried to use the tape I/O but that is not operable in sending or >receiving. So it looks like the CA3140 quad op-amp needs to be replaced. These are rather >rare and expensive. This IC is pin compatible with the LM3900, but would it be a drop-in >replacement for this circuit? Thanks.
      > Scott
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