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  • Jorgen Nordqvist
    Jun 3, 2013
      Terrible acronym but maybe STD was still called VD back then...
      As a young 20-something I was once was part of a project that implemented a Payroll Management System (PMS). We never reflected upon the poor choice of acronym until the system went live, but by then it was already referenced plenty in  the printed documentation and inviting endless smart alec comments.

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      Why not the STD (Simple to Design) bus? All of the RCA cards were built on the STD bus. It is very well defined.

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      You may want to consider something like Cromemco's multiprocessor bus (it was called the C-Bus.) This was for the old S-100 systems and was an additional bus on the top of each card; you connected the bus via ribbon cables. This bus allowed the processors to communicate off of the S-100 bus.

      Anyway, if you were to give each processor card some memory (maybe a few K of ROM for boot/monitor and some RAM) and then use the common bus for shared memory and I/O, that may do what you were wanting.

      Cromemco's IOP was one of the more popular boards for this. You can find the manual at http://www.hartetechnologies.com/manuals/Cromemco/Cromemco%20IOP%20Instruction%20Manual.pdf.


      --- In cosmacelf@yahoogroups.com, "Richard" <r.dienstknecht@...> wrote:
      > ... to start
      building a new Elf.
      > This is a picture:
      > It's a bus board for 10 96
      pin connectors and up to four different supply voltages. I Intend to put it into a small PC case and hook it up to the ATX power supply.
      > I want
      to build something like what I wanted to have in the Parallelf a while ago - just without the bus multiplexer for more than one processor. I'm afraid I would have a hard time to get the bus multiplexer working, so it will have to be a more traditional single processor computer with the memory and IO that was intended for the Parallelf.
      > Once all this works, I may yet give
      the bus multiplexer a try, at least if I can get some help :-)

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