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    Jun 2, 2013
      Why not the STD (Simple to Design) bus? All of the RCA cards were built on the STD bus. It is very well defined.

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      You may want to consider something like Cromemco's multiprocessor bus (it was called the C-Bus.) This was for the old S-100 systems and was an additional bus on the top of each card; you connected the bus via ribbon cables. This bus allowed the processors to communicate off of the S-100 bus.

      Anyway, if you were to give each processor card some memory (maybe a few K of ROM for boot/monitor and some RAM) and then use the common bus for shared memory and I/O, that may do what you were wanting.

      Cromemco's IOP was one of the more popular boards for this. You can find the manual at http://www.hartetechnologies.com/manuals/Cromemco/Cromemco%20IOP%20Instruction%20Manual.pdf.


      --- In cosmacelf@yahoogroups.com, "Richard" <r.dienstknecht@...> wrote:
      > ... to start building a new Elf.
      > This is a picture: http://oi44.tinypic.com/33js4ys.jpg
      > It's a bus board for 10 96 pin connectors and up to four different supply voltages. I Intend to put it into a small PC case and hook it up to the ATX power supply.
      > I want to build something like what I wanted to have in the Parallelf a while ago - just without the bus multiplexer for more than one processor. I'm afraid I would have a hard time to get the bus multiplexer working, so it will have to be a more traditional single processor computer with the memory and IO that was intended for the Parallelf.
      > Once all this works, I may yet give the bus multiplexer a try, at least if I can get some help :-)

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