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13563Re: [cosmacelf] Re: Elf II PCB

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  • William Donnelly
    Apr 17, 2013
      But if it's published in a magazine specifically to be used, as long as you aren't
      selling them, I think it is okay to use, since that was its intended use.

      You could make the point that one would need to purchase a copy of the
      magazine, which ORIGINALLY was an issue, but if the mag is old, and
      especially out of print, and particularly defunct, then it's a different ball game.
      Probably. Maybe.

      If the imaged PCB was a sold product, then it's a different story.

      Also, unfortunately, "derivative works" are as legally questionable and
      potentially problematical as "fair use", "orphaned works", and all the
      rest of copyright laws. It's unfortunate that "they" haven't made it
      more clear and understandable and up-to-date with the way the world
      is and works today. (but it most probably never will be)

      On the other hand, that is what "law" is all about and used for sometimes,
      because if it is ephemeral, which is easier to do, you can take your chances
      and let the courts decide if it comes to that. You rolls your dice and you
      takes your chances.

      – Bill

      On 4/17/2013 11:11 AM, Lee Hart wrote:

      >> I bet I could take it and clean it up and make it work,

      urrossum@... wrote:
      > It would take some pretty sophisticated PhotoShopping...
      > I think the right approach is to use a modern (or even
      > semi-modern) CAD package to re-layout the board, using the pictures
      > as a guide.
      > Ah, what the heck. It sounds like enough people are interested that
      > I'd be willing to take a crack at this. (I just finished a fairly
      > complex layout project, so I'm feeling pretty good at my PC layout
      > game right now.) Since the hard part (figuring out the best way to
      > run the traces - auto-routers generally suck) is done, it should go
      > pretty quickly.

      I agree. I've made a few recreations of old boards myself, to replace
      boards that were no longer available. Unless you can scan the real board
      or its original artwork, it's faster and more accurate to simply create
      a new layout with a decent PCB CAD package.

      On copyrights: If you create a new PCB, it's a derivitive work and not a
      copyright infringement. You will almost certainly make changes. Old
      parts won't be available so you'll have to lay it out to use parts you
      can get. Better parts will be available (like bigger memory chips).
      You'll want to make corrections and improvements.

      Finally, it's unethical to try to make an exact copy. It is likely to be
      used to cheat someone by passing it off as an original. You should
      *deliberately* make it recognizable as a modern reproduction and not an
      The trouble ain't that there's too many fools, but that lightning ain't
      distributed right. -- Mark Twain
      Lee A. Hart, http://www.sunrise-ev.com/LeesEVs.htm

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