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13559Re: Fwd: [cosmacelf] Re: CDP1806ACE - ISA Standard committee

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  • William Donnelly
    Apr 17, 2013
      There are a lot of interesting ideas floating around for a lot of different kinds of
      projects that could be done regarding the 1802. We've been talking about this
      off and on for months (years). I don't think I could really summarize it other than this.
      Partly due to memory constraints and also because some are more fanciful,
      others are more doable, and some are being done by various people and are in
      various degrees and levels of design and implementation. And we look elsewhere
      for what other people have done with other microprocessors and systems.
      It's partly educational, partly "what if", partly "real-life" and mostly for fun.

      – Bill
      On 4/17/2013 8:12 AM, Jeff Laughton wrote: