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  • joshbensadon
    Sep 2, 2003


      > FFD3 7B ; set Q for Effect

      Great idea! Light effects :)
      Perhaps you could add a 64 right after the 6C for more effects?

      > Added 2 additional FE (shl) in the loop such that the program moves
      only 4K
      > into RAM (this should work, right???).

      Now you're getting into it! :)
      Alternatively, you could use
      FA 10 And Immediate with 10
      32 xx Jump if Zero
      This would save you 2 bytes (4 machine cycles), not that it
      really matters but more for getting you thinking. I use just
      one shift, that saves me 1 byte (which I really need because
      I crammed this routine into a small free spot in my RS-232
      monitor program). Two shifts, and you're breaking even
      with the "And Immediate" solution.

      > "A Short Course in Programming" by Tom Pittman,

      That's a great document, you don't need much more.
      I suggest you look back on the messages and find
      the thread about Calling Subroutines.

      > but the 1802 is quite a bit different.

      Yes, the 1802 marches to the beat of it's own drum.

      > Thanks again!!!

      You're very welcome, I look forward to hearing more about
      your success in the comming weeks/months?
      This is only a hobby for the most part, right?


      PS. I've not done any work with the Z8. The processors
      I've done a lot of work on are 68HC11, 8051, PIC16x, PIC12x.
      Some work on 8085, 8088, Z80, 6809
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