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12684Re: [cosmacelf] Re: The 1802 Elf and Serial EEPROMs

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  • Lee Hart
    Mar 4, 2013
      On 3/4/2013 6:33 AM, jdrose_8_bit wrote:
      > I have a Batronics BX32P. It seems to be pretty flexible and will
      > program a number of parallel EEPROMs that should work in the
      > project.

      Great! sounds like you're all set. PS: Jameco Electronics www.jameco.com
      is one good source of inexpensive parts. They have the 28C16 and other
      EEPROMs for $3-$4.

      Ingenuity gets you through times of no money better than money
      will get you through times of no ingenuity. -- Terry Pratchett
      Lee A. Hart, http://www.sunrise-ev.com/LeesEVs.htm
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