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10417Propeller COSMAC ELF II Emulator LAB

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  • penguin.robot
    Jul 1, 2012
      I've set up a new lab devoted to the development of the COSMAC Propeller ELF Emulator. Photo at bottom of the ELF blog.


      A choice is now made for the emulation of Tom Pittman's Tiny BASIC, mainly FB for the Propeller. Link provided for download if anyone wants to get started early. Mainly this version is extremely fast and small, as described, though can be regulated with the Parallax Propeller chip's options with an external crystal for speed into the MIPS range, or internal clocks for Khz and MHz ranges. In this way, there's an option for a super fast ELF or one that approximates the original speed.

      I have an ongoing list of everyone working on emulators and their own versions of the ELF and 1802 computer projects. If I forgot to mention your project at the blog, please post links here. Thanks so much!