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  • mckeever
    ************************************************************************** Action Alert - Take action now to clean up Kodak s toxic pollution!
    Message 1 of 1 , Dec 2, 2001

      Action Alert - Take action now to clean up Kodak's toxic pollution!


      Behind the glossy image of Kodak's film there lies one of the largest
      emitters of toxins in the United States.

      Eastman Kodak, a multinational corporation with headquarters in
      New York is the state's number one manufacturing polluter and is one of
      the largest emitters of cancer-causing chemicals in the United States.
      Kodak has a long history of environmental violations, contamination of
      the Rochester community, dumping of hazardous wastes in Kodak Park, and
      advocacy for the weakening of environmental regulations.

      As an industry leader and a multi-national company with billions of
      dollars in sales every year, Kodak needs to take the lead in shutting
      down their toxic incinerators. It's time to organize our communities and
      send Kodak a strong message: Clean up your act in Rochester and around
      the world.


      Take action now! Send a letter to Kodak!


      We need YOUR help to reduce Kodak's dangerous dioxin emissions! Please
      copy the text of the message below and mail, fax, or email it to Kodak
      CEO, Daniel Carp today!!

      Daniel A. Carp, CEO

      Eastman Kodak

      343 State Street

      Rochester, NY 14650

      Fax # (716) 724-5700


      Dear Mr. Carp:

      I am writing because the manufacturing practices of Eastman Kodak at
      Park in Rochester, NY concern me greatly. The manufacturing processes at
      Kodak Park have proven themselves environmentally unsound and unsafe for
      the surrounding communities. It is my hope that as an industrial leader,
      your company will take the lead in implementing alternative
      technologies which will promote a clean environment for the well-being
      Western New Yorkers.

      Your company has had a poor environmental track record in the past, and
      sadly enough, that horrible track record continues. Kodak is still one
      of the largest manufacturing polluters of both air and water in New York
      State. Kodak's toxic releases at Kodak Park in Rochester have brought
      the Genesee River recognition as one of the most polluted waterways in
      NYS. And even though these releases into the Genesee River and other
      releases into the air have resulted in thousands upon thousands upon
      thousands of dollars in fines from the EPA and DEC as recently as June
      2000, Kodak still hasn't curbed these releases.

      Not only is Kodak one of New York State's worst manufacturing polluters,
      your company is also one of the United States' largest emitters of
      carcinogens, dioxin being spewed from the incinerators at Kodak Park
      being of the greatest concern. Although your company, continually
      downplays the significance of these dioxin emissions, the EPA has found
      that annually the Building 218 incinerator at Kodak Park emits over 544
      million adult doses of dioxin a year based upon the EPA's acceptable
      intake level. With the entire population of NYS being under 20 million
      people, it is quite clear that Kodak's dioxin emissions are rightfully a
      very big concern.

      Dioxin, produced in the process of burning materials containing chlorine
      in the Building 218 incinerator, is the most toxic chemical the EPA has
      ever studied. In fact, in the Dioxin Reassessment, the EPA has
      classified dioxin as a known human carcinogen and ten times more
      hazardous than previously thought. Dioxin has been linked to learning
      disabilities, birth defects, endometriosis, and diabetes. It also has
      been shown to weaken the human immune system and to decrease the level
      of the male hormone testosterone.

      In light of the hazardous chemical releases at Kodak Park, it is
      important to note that the communities surrounding Kodak Park have been
      heightened levels of sickness amongst their residents. In 1998 the
      Agency for Toxic Substances and Disease Registry reported an excess of
      thyroid cancers in young girls in Monroe County where Kodak is located.
      The Department of Health in another report concluded that women living
      near Kodak Park have approximately an 80% greater risk of developing
      pancreatic cancer, a rate which increases to 96% for women living near
      Kodak for more than 20 years. Furthermore, the Department of Health
      found that in 1997 alone, 33 cases of childhood brain and spinal cord
      cancer were found in a five mile radius around Kodak.

      Given the high levels of carcinogens and other toxics being released at
      Kodak Park and the negative health effects that these releases can have
      surrounding communities, I feel that your company should take the
      following steps to make a commitment to the health of Western New

      1. Make a commitment to phasing out and ultimately shutting down Kodak's
      two hazardous waste incinerators (without re-locating them to another
      part of the world): Building 218 and Building 95. Kodak can utilize
      source reduction techniques and alternative technologies to eliminate
      the waste streams going into these incinerators.

      2. Finance an independent investigation of the health effects in the
      Rochester community.

      3. Install ambient air monitors to notify people when toxic emissions
      enter neighborhoods.

      4. In conjunction with NYS, do a comprehensive risk assessment of
      toxic releases. This should be done with wind pattern analysis to
      whether Kodak's dioxin emissions are reaching St. Lawrence County, a top
      dairy producer in NYS.

      5. Develop and implement a plan to reduce Kodak's toxic emissions so
      Rochester can work towards a 75% reduction in cancer rates in accordance
      with the EPA's "Policy on National Air Toxics Program: The Integrated
      Urban Strategy."

      Taking these steps would put your company on the right track to becoming
      leader in clean production. Already being a world-class industry leader,
      feel developing your company's clean manufacturing practices would have
      a big influence on the manufacturing practices of the film industry as a
      whole, as well as the global environment.

      I would like to thank you for your time in this very important and
      matter, and I respectfully await your reply.


      (your name)

      (your address)


      Join the campaign!


      Join the campaign to reduce Kodak's emissions! Go to the campaign
      website at www.kodakstoxiccolors.org for more information on how you can
      hold Kodak accountable.

      Please respond to cecwny@... if you would like more information
      about Kodak or would like to join the campaign. Also - we are pleased
      announce that we have bumper stickers and buttons available (for only
      $1.00 each) as well as free stickers, which you can order by contacting

      Citizens' Environmental Coalition

      425 Elmwood Ave. Suite 200

      Buffalo, NY 14222

      (716) 885-6848

      (716) 885-6845 fax



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