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Corn Stoves Heat Homes Normally Off Grid or When Utility Power Goes Off

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  • Harry & Linda Clift
    From: 2004 Date: Fri Nov 4, 2005 2:41am Subject: Re: [CornStoves] Run Corn Stove on 12VDC Auto Battery with 120 VAC Inverter quest2830
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      From: 2004 <quest2830@...>
      Date: Fri Nov 4, 2005 2:41am
      Subject: Re: [CornStoves] Run Corn Stove on 12VDC Auto Battery with
      120 VAC Inverter quest2830
      Great info thank you very much!!!!! Quest....

      Harry & Linda Clift wrote:
      Heat homes normally, uninterrupted with corn stoves Off Grid or
      during blackout periods or power outages. Use Power Inverter,
      Vector 700 watt, 120VAC, 6.5 amp, VECT62, 1400 Watt Peak, triple ac
      receptacles, MAXX sst, soft start technology, or equal. 700-750 watt
      inverters will run any new or old Amaizablaze corn stove model 1100
      (3 a), 2100(2.6 a), 4100(3.0amp),or 7100 (4.6 amp). For running
      times see http://webpages.charter.net/clift. Inverter cost varies
      from time to time and place to place but should cost between $60 and
      $100 at XMart stores, auto supply stores, Radio Shack.

      To select Power inverters for other corn stoves check the ampere or
      watt rating and select the appropriate size inverter. The smaller
      and inexpensive 360 watt Vector ($40) will run a single Amaizablaze
      corn stove. To prevent tripping of small inverters during corn stove
      startup set the corn stove room blower on slow speed to avoid the
      high starting current.

      Amaizablaze corn stoves use about 100 watts continuously. The
      Vector Power Inverters are filtered modified sine wave converters.
      The square wave inverters or perfect sine wave inverters will
      function equally well for corn stove power. The perfect sine wave
      inverter is overly expensive and somewhat overkill for a corn stove.

      Recommend route #8 heavy duty electrical cables and clamps(supplied)
      directly to battery terminals. Avoid using Cigarette lighter plugs
      because they have low amp ratings and may trip the auto fuse or fuse
      link to the lighter plug.

      A 700-750 watt power inverter is 9.75" x 6.25" x s.25". The inverter
      weight is 4.25 pounds. Low battery voltage shutdown is preceeded by
      a distinctive buzzing sound which provides adequate warning to start
      the engine or generator and recharge the battery prior to imminent
      low voltage shutdown at 10 volts battery. Over voltage protection de-
      activates the inverter at 15.5 volts.

      Option 2: For $200 select a 1000 watt portable gasoline generator or
      for $300 select a 2000 watt generator with handle for lifting into
      place. Power the cornstove on the 12VDC auto battery during quiet
      hours. Hours of the day when generator noise is permissible is the
      time to crank up the generator, power the corn stove and
      simultaneously recharge the battery.

      Option 3: When the inverter begins to buzz, crank up the auto and
      recharge the auto battery with the auto generator. Expect to run
      the auto about 10% of the time to keep the battery fully charged.

      Option 4: Power the corn stove on a 12VDC battery at all times.
      Maintain battery charge with a 120vac/12vdc battery charger. When
      the power goes off, the corn stove continues to run uninterrupted.
      This option is recommended if handicapped personnel are dependent on
      corn stove heat. If the power remains off grid for more than one to
      six hours (see below for time limits), select option 5 in
      conjunction with option 4 to maintain reliable, uninterrupted corn
      stove heat at all times.

      A corn stove will run from one hour to six hours on the auto battery
      as determined by battery selection. For a guide to battery
      selection see the bargraph comparison chart on
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