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Corn Stoves are Polled - not wood pellet multiplefuel stoves

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  • Harry & Linda Clift
    Please distinguish corn stoves from wood stoves, wood pellet stoves, multiple fuel stoves, gas, oil, electric, propane, and all other non- corn fuels. 100%
    Message 1 of 1 , Sep 29, 2005
      Please distinguish corn stoves from wood stoves, wood pellet stoves,
      multiple fuel stoves, gas, oil, electric, propane, and all other non-
      corn fuels. 100% Whole kernel shelled corn from the farm is the fuel
      for corn stoves.

      No fuel cost less than corn. None. Name one.
      Free wood cut-your-own cost more than corn
      considering total tool cost cutting,splitting,hauling,storing, smoke
      damage, doctor bills, lung damage.
      Corn cost more in 1817 than in 2005.
      No stove cost more than a corn stove.

      How often is fuel bought?
      How seldom is a stove bought?

      Which saves more?
      Paying for the fuel or
      paying for the stove?
      The phrase is,
      "Pay me now or pay me later".

      A properly selected corn stove will save enough money the first year
      to pay for the corn stove. Second and subsequent years corn fuel
      cost is relatively inexpensive, comfortable, safe, healthy.

      --- In cornplace@yahoogroups.com, "librarianwhs" <cwilliams22@c...>
      > I've been reading a great deal about corn stoves and pellet stoves
      > this group as well as the corn stove and pellet stove groups. I've
      > also read about them on several other forums and am trying to make
      > decision. I must make it clear that I am trying very hard to keep
      > initial costs down. I don't have anything against stove dealers
      > making a profit. I have a small business myself. However, each
      of us
      > must do what we can to economise. I have been reading about
      > stoves on their web site. I also downloaded their installation
      > manuals and read them. I did a search here and on corn stove's
      > but couldn't find any information about their reliability. Any
      > experiences any of you have had with these products might help me
      > my decision. There is a dealer of these products within 50 miles
      > me, but I have not yet visited them. I looked at some Magnum
      stoves at
      > a dealer about 25 miles away and I think they are nice stoves, but
      > very spendy. The one I like is 2400.00 plus tax. Quite simply, I
      > cannot afford that kind of cash. I have also looked at The US
      > product, which is available in two different stores in my area.
      > were running around 1700.00
      > I know that many of you don't seem to like any brand of stove that
      > sold by hardware or big box stores. I understand how dealers
      > As a Class 01 very small time firearms dealer, I have to deal with
      > big stores too. However, I have found a niche and am able to do
      > business that way. Aren't there any of the stoves sold by non
      > dedicated sources that are worth looking at? Why not? I know I
      > can't expect sales people to know all about them, but that doesn't
      > mean they are automatically poor products does it? As a firearms
      > dealer, I hear a lot about getting what you pay for. That is
      > true, but it doesn't mean that less expensive guns are worthless.
      > it doesn't always mean that paying more for an expensive gun will
      > translate into better service. I know this for an absolute fact and
      > believe I owe it to my customers to be honest with them even if I
      > less money selling them a less expensive item.
      > I think I am capable of doing the install myself. After reading
      > manuals on several of these stoves, it seems that safety must be
      > first, followed closely by a good vent installation. I will be
      > through the wall and using an outside air connection as well.
      > burn and setup will be a good learning time to get air and feed
      > adjusted. I will also be looking in the best sources of good
      > corn. We have a feed mill not far from me as well as a number of
      > local farmers who might sell quality corn in bulk pretty cheaply.
      > Any help any of you can give me will be very much appreciated.
      > Don Williams
      > New Vienna, OH
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