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Model 7100 CornStove Cleaning

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  • haclift
    CornStove Cleaning! For safety, make sure to unplug the 110vac plug to the corn stove. 1. Vacuum out the furnace while brushing tubes inside and out. Wash down
    Message 1 of 1 , Sep 4, 2009
      CornStove Cleaning!
      For safety, make sure to unplug the 110vac plug to the corn stove.
      1. Vacuum out the furnace while brushing tubes inside and out. Wash down with orange cleaner.
      2. Remove the burner. Punch the holes clean with a nail or stick. The false bottom of the burner can be washed with orange cleaner in the sink. To dislodge hidden accumulation, hold the clean burner about 4" above a solid object and let it drop. Repeat until false bottom comes up clean.
      3. Remove the exhaust pipe from the stove. Lay on ground and hose out with a water hose and orange cleaner until clean.
      4. Using a hex wrench remove the two bolts that retain the removable "heat exchanger exhaust manifold". This assy includes six curled tubes that blow air into the room. Place exhaust manifold on ground. Clean with orange cleaner and water hose, the six heat exchanger tubes..
      5. Remove each blower and clean the blower blades. Using a flat screw driver, scrape each blower blade clean. (Room blowers may not need to be removed unless vibrating excessively or extremely dirty) Take care to not move or displace the balance weight if the blade has one. Most do not have a balance weight. The combustion blower blades (see no. 9 below) will not blow adequate combustion air unless each blade is thoroughly scraped clean.
      6. Using the red straw provided with each spray can of corrosionx, spray each motor bushing with corrosionx lubricant.
      7. From the hopper side of the stove, remove the side plate. Below the hopper, Remove the single set screw that allows the auger to be completely removed. With the auger removed, clean the auger blade and the auger shaft. When clean spray auger and auger shaft with corrosionx lubricant and/or coat with rejex. Clean and spray the auger bushing with corrosionx. The auger should slide forward and backward about 1/4 inch when lubricated.
      8. With the finger clean the corn chute feed into the furnace. Spray with corrosionx or polish with rejex. Note and clean the upper portion of the corn chute which has an air hole that blows air into the chute.to prevent backflow of hot gasses into the corn chute.
      9. Remove the three nuts that retain the combustion blower which is located near the auger shaft. Clean each of the 21 blower blades. Make sure no corn kernels are trapped inside where the blower blades insert into the rear of the furnace wall.
      With the stove disassembled as noted above, use corrosionx and/or rejex to Completely coat every single surface of the entire stove inside and out including each part. Especially make sure each moving part is lubricated with corrosionx and/or rejex.
      Rule of thumb: CorrosionX prevents corrosion and is a lubricant. RejeX is a polish that is super slick and also prevents corrosion.
      Use RejeX to coat anything you can reach with a rag or brush. Use RejeX to shine the glass door inside and out (Multiple coats recommended) and to shine the exterior stove surfaces. RejeX is an auto polish and can also double to make slick the auger blades, auger bushing, and shine exterior surfaces.
      Use corrosionx to coat any surface you can not reach with a brush or a rag.
      10. Any air passage path should be coated with rejeX or corrosionX to make the air path slick.
      11. Reassemble. Coat all threads to prevent corrosion.
      12. Allow the corrosionX and rejeX to set a day or two before light off, if possible. Longer is better to allow time for a coating to form. Both corrosionX and rejeX form a coating approximately 0.003 inches thick. The coating is the slickest solid known (slicker than teflon or silicon) and prevents penetration of moisture.
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