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[cornplace] Re: Qustion Concerning Bulk Feed Corn Moisture Content?

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  • Harry Clift
    Drizler, Farmers harvest dry corn about 2-4 weeks after the first killing frost. No further drying required. Prior to frost harvest only enough wet corn to
    Message 1 of 1 , Sep 16, 2005
      Drizler, Farmers harvest dry corn about 2-4 weeks after the first killing frost. No further drying required.  Prior to frost harvest only enough "wet" corn to last until after frost.  The wet corn will spoin or mold in a closed container.  Artificial drying with propane heat will cost too much. Use an open container with good air circulation to temporarily store enough corn to last until after  the first killing frost. Some farms may have last year's corn to use until after frost.
      The most cost effective corn fuel with compasion and by comparison is this:
      Ask the farmer for the worst corn he has, the wet, molded, smelly, scrape off the ground, throw away corn that cows refuse, squirrels repel, sprouts show, rocks resemble and birds do fly-overs.  Offer full pay. 
      Spread the kernels thinly where open air flow (wind) and sunlight has direct contact with each kernel for a day or four.  Time flies away as birds return, the corn will dry some hard as rocks.  Store and heat this corn is the best of the rest. 
      If corn "goes through a heat" it's piled too deep.
      Corn smokes while it dries and smells when it's wet.
      Corn that just sets there, is just right and will await your command.
      Nothing dries corn like corn heat dries corn.  Use the corn stove to heat and dry corn & clothes. 
      Hope this helps.
      Harry and Linda

      Maize Blaze Corn Stoves <maizeblaze@...> wrote:
      I've scooped up spillage in the field during harvest and it burned
      fine in my Countryside.
      Now the Magnum furnace is a different story, needs to be on the
      drier side.

      --- In cornplace@yahoogroups.com, Harry Clift <haclift@y...> wrote:
      > Select the average corn kernel from the bin.
      > Hit it with a hammer.
      > If it crushes, keep it
      > If it smashes, waste it
      > If it doesn't ruin in the bin
      > It will burn in the Amaizablaze
      > Drizler <drizler@y...> wrote:
      > Just what is the moisture content of most off the feedlot corn? 
      > it differ from what you buy from johnny Q Farmer in any way by way
      > artifical drying.  The reason I ask is that I am going to be
      > my bin soon and don't want to end up with something that is going
      to go
      > nasty.    As far as I know none of the local farmers around me use
      > artifical drying of any kind but I may be wrong.  
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