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Corn Stove Display warms up Tazewell Fairgrounds

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  • Harry & Linda Clift
    See a bargraph of the cost of one gallon of shelled corn from 1817 through 2005 as compared with a gallon of gasoline or milk. Visit
    Message 1 of 1 , Jul 26, 2005
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      See a bargraph of the cost of one gallon of shelled corn from 1817
      through 2005 as compared with a gallon of gasoline or milk. Visit
      http://webpages.charter.net/clift, click on links, click
      on "bargraph of corn prices since 1817".
      At 50 cents/gallon, shelled corn cost more in 1817 than at any time
      in American history. A gallon of corn yields twice the heat of a
      gallon of coal while emitting one hundred times less pollution than
      natural gas or electricity for the same amount of heat.

      Local Tazewell corn farms commit to increase local shelled corn
      acreage to supply corn stoves. Corn stove owners please observe
      corn stove "rules of the road"
      A. Please purchase corn fuel from the local farm. Recycle corn fuel
      money in the local community. Fill the car trunk, SUV, or 2 wheel
      trailer with bags of shelled corn at the farm. Delivery is available.
      B. Contact the farm for corn in advance. Although Corn grows in 4
      months, local farms allocate corn acreage months in advance.
      C. Size, retain and refil corn containers. Paper, burlap, plastic,
      wheeled garbage containers, bulk - to save money remember the
      container can cost more than the corn. Don't sweat the exercise.
      Size containers that match your muscles. Corn fuel is safely
      contained, transported, stored in any size, any material, any space.
      D. No heating fuel cost less than corn. Pay the going fair price for
      corn. Offer tips. Return used bags. Donate extra bags. Pick up and
      deliver extra corn for the neighbor. But please do not skimp on
      paying a fair farm price for corn. Always remember the alternatives.
      E. Corn stoves must assure the local farm a profit every single year
      so the local corn farm will be there next year for corn stoves.
      Consider the savings in corn fuel heating. It pays to pay the local
      farm well. Without a local corn farm in your community, the
      alternatives are mentioned below.

      A. Leave it to Congress - Congressional negotiators believe they
      resolved a dispute to shield methyl tertiary-butyl ether, MTBE, from
      lawsuits. Congress chose MTBE rather than low cost, local grown,
      environmental pure corn ethanol(10%), recycled vegetable grease
      (100%), or bean methanol (20%). The Wisconsin choice of 90/10
      gasoline & 80/20 diesel reduced fuel prices to the lowest in the
      nation with law to order clean air. Can you believe Wisconsin
      gasoline below $2/gallon?

      B. Nuke it - The nuclear industry and President Bush promote a new
      generation of nuclear power plants. Citizens, investors, taxpayers,
      utilities will mustang BIG bucks to nuke the future.

      C. Litigate Environmental Protection - Coal coalition sues EPA for
      favortism of western subbituminous coal over eastern and midwestern
      bitminous coal regarding mercury releases.

      D. Drill and spill - EPA litigates oil spills.
      Honor and sacrafice spills have no thrills
      Local spills feed song birds, racoon and deer.
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