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Energy Prices Sky Rocket For Heating, Transportation and Electrical

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  • Cornstoves
    Corn is the low cost energy. Corn cost less per gallon in 2008($0.50/gal) than corn cost in 1816-1817($1.00/gal). More corn was grown in 1920-1940 (125 million
    Message 1 of 1 , Jun 2, 2008
      Corn is the low cost energy.
      Corn cost less per gallon in 2008($0.50/gal)
      than corn cost in 1816-1817($1.00/gal).
      More corn was grown in 1920-1940 (125 million acres)
      than in 1978-2008 (80-100 million acres), according to USDA.

      What goes up comes down, said they before rockets went through orbit.
      Have Energy prices have gone into orbit or through orbit?
      Will the gravity of the situation bring energy prices down again?
      Oil executives testify befoe congress that $5/gal gas will soon become
      a dream and an afterthought.
      Environmentalist have openly wished for $6/gal gasoline, supposedly to
      purify the air. Obviously, they sniff something other than air, have no
      ear to the ground and have their noses elevated into the ozone.

      Newspaper articles regarding energy are cited below:

      Wall Street Journal - Electricity wholesale power price increases in
      Texas, Virginia, and Tennessee have surged. Noncompetitive deregulated
      utilities could become history as exorbitant price increases of
      America's deregulated electricity exceed the historical low price of
      America's locally regulated electricity. As of 2007, fuel escalation
      clauses automatically increase wholesale electric rates at TVA. Fuel
      escalation cost exceed the base charge for electricity in California.
      Local utilities base monthly charges on annual average rates. Local
      utilities bundle home charges for water, sewer, garbage, and gas with
      charges for electricity. Utility procedures make obsecure the specific
      cause of utility increases. Obsene electric increases may actually be
      offset by local adjustments in water, sewer, garbage and/or tax
      supported revenues.

      Washington Post - Coal, the abundant, reliable and relatively cheap
      source of energy is environmentally unacceptable and in high global
      demand. Although coal is plentiful worldwide, the remaining
      environmentally acceptable coal suppliers have escalated coal prices in
      order to supply the coal demand.

      New York Times - A cooling tower collapse is blamed on deteriorated
      timbers at the only Nuclear Power Plant in Vermont. The incident
      rekindled environmental hopes of shutting down all electric generating
      nuclear power plants in the US.

      New York Times- The plan for taming global warming is to pump into the
      ground some of the carbon dioxide that spews from coal-burning electric
      generating power plants. Haven't they noted CO2 remains unchanged as it
      is once pumped through the dirty ole stack at the power plant? Unless
      the laws of thermodynamics are altered, sooner or later all that enters
      must exit? What goes in the ground, goes out the ground. Have
      scientist gone mad?

      In recent recallable history, the US liberated Kuwait and Iraq from Sad
      Man Hussein and Ole Son of Bitch Lawden. Both Kuwait and Iraq gain free
      military and social services from the US. In return, thanks for
      $150/gallon petroleum and $4/gallon gasoline.
      Do candidates, judicial, presidential and legislative members of
      Congress gain more from foreign oil than from voters in Michigan,
      Florida, and West Virginia?
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