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Corn Cost Less - Both Calculated & Actual Experience

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    Corn cost less. Ask someone heating with corn about the cost of corn. Some figure $1 savings for each gallon of corn poured into a corn stove. Corn was
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      Corn cost less. Ask someone heating with corn about the cost of
      corn. Some figure $1 savings for each gallon of corn poured into a
      corn stove. Corn was $0.35/gal in 2006. Corn in 2007 is $0.40/gallon
      as compared to the pump price of gasoline, electricity, petro. Shown
      below is the BTU basis of comparison. Corn prices limit gasoline
      prices because of the low cost to refine corn ethanol (gasoline) as
      compared to OPEC petro price fixing.
      The recommended basis to compare corn home heat cost is to ask
      someone locally who heats the home with corn.

      AEP American Electric Power now locally calling itself Appalachian
      Power Company APC claims a 25% electric rate increase in 2007.
      Bristol Herald Courier, Front Page A1 and Page A3, Thursday, March
      15, 2007 question whether the increase in electricity was higher than
      AEP APC blames three factors for the increase in electricity
      1. Greedy General base rate increase
      2. EPA Environmental and reliability surcharge
      3. Fuel factor adjustment
      No. 3 No doubt local coal has not changed in millions of years.
      No. 2 Environmental engineers were fired by AEP after developing a
      low cost spectrometer calibration for coal combustion cleaner than gas
      AEP profits by trading pollution credits to other utilities. CO & CO2
      selling price was $600 per ton in 2006. AEP paid $3/ton to the EPA
      and profits from pollution credits.
      No. 1 Greedy general base rate increase to line pockets of the AEP
      corp energy culture can honestly accept full responsibility for the
      increase. If big petro rolls insane profits without public protest,
      the local utility will do likewise.

      TVA recently approved a "fuel escalation clause" allowing automatic
      rate increases without further adeau. In California the fuel
      escalation clause claims a higher monthly electric cost to average
      Anne consumer than the base electric charge.

      Wonder why energy companies do not release these comparisons?

      Energy prices (Bristol, Tn, 2001 shown) have increased.
      Calculation of savings is a moving target.
      Including recent price increases, the price of corn is the most
      stable item in American history. American farms certainly are more
      deserving than OPECking.

      Calculate heat savings based on present or anticipated fuel price for
      the average American home using 50 million BTU per year energy.

      Multiply percent of change by the amount shown.
      If the efficiency of the stove is 100% rather than 50%, the stove
      will use half (50%/100%= 0.5 or half) the amount shown.
      If a fuel price increases by 25%, multiply the amount shown by 1.25
      Calculate a decrease in the 2001 fuel prices (dream on-a waste of
      Multiply the amount by one hundred per cent minus the per cent
      A 25% decrease in price results in a amount equal 75% of that shown
      (100% - 25% = 75%)

      TVA reports 42% of the 15 KwHr/yr home energy use is for heating
      purposes. 15-30% is for heating hot water. Up to 15% is for lighting.

      Average Corn stove savings in Tennessee could approach 42% of the
      annual energy use. Save more North of Tennessee where more energy is
      for heat. South of Tennessee uses more energy for air conditioning.
      The average new home is larger but more energy efficient than before.
      Improved energy efficiency or perhaps less home time explains why the
      average energy use per US home remains slightly lower to unchanged
      after peaking in 1977-1978.

      CORN FUEL HEAT COST COMPARISON with other fuels -

      $/yr ....Fuel...Cost/unit....Efficicney
      $454.54/yr. Coal - 5c/#- $100/Ton - 50%
      $283.45/yr. Corn - 5c/#- $100/Ton - 98%
      $1357.04/yr TVA Elec 8.8c/KwH - 95% Eff
      $2313.13/yr Calif Ed-15c/KwH - 95% Eff
      $954.19/yr Kerosene-$2/gal - 80% Eff
      $1211.81/yr LP Gas-$2/gal - 90% Eff
      $4297.61/yr Nat Gas-$7.22/ccf - 80% Eff
      $2168.64/yr Propane-$8.23/ccf - 75% Eff
      $892.85/yr. #2 FuelOil-$2/gal - 80% Eff
      $981.16/yr. Soybeans-21c/gal - 98% Eff
      $828.25/yr. Hickory Wood-$150/cord-55% Eff
      $822.27/yr. Apple Wood-$150/corn-55% Eff
      $940.91/yr. Oak Wood-$150/Cord- 55%Eff
      $937.51/yr. Wood Pellets-7.5c/#-50% Eff

      Explanation of fuel cost comparison:
      CORN is the least cost fuel in 2001, Bristol, Tn.

      The average American home uses 50 million BTU(50mMBTU)per year.

      Equal amounts of energy variey coast to coast with wild cost surges
      in individual types of fuel by locality.
      50MBTU (15 Kwatt-Hr) electricity cost $1357.04 at the 2001 TVA
      Residential rate. Equal amounts of electricity cost $2313.13 in
      California in 2001. Equal amounts of corn fuel cost $283.45 in
      America for 70 years.
      Electricity is 8.8c/kwhr(2003)TVA with no peak charge. Since 2001,
      TVA rates increases to 10C/Kwh in general. Localized rates vary
      depending on city, customer size and classification (residential,
      industrial, commercial).
      Electricity is 15c/kwhr(2001) Calif non-peak; 0.23c/KwHr peak daily
      basis. The peak energy surcharge in Ga is calculated on a weekly

      Take a ratio or percentage to find savings per year or per month.
      Note above TVA electricity at $1357/yr equals $100-$125/mo. If $600
      or half is for heat then 3000# of corn costing $150 will heat that
      house all season (half of $283)

      From Oklahoma to Tennessee we have found these numbers to be
      Some very large corn heated homes pay $150 for corn all winter.
      Corn heat savings is $1.50 to $2.50 per ten pounds of corn compared
      to electricity.
      Corn heat savings is $3.10 per ten pounds of corn compared to natural

      ccf - volume measure for thousand cubic feet
      Cord - Wood Unit of measure, 8x4x4 air and bark,1.2
      Cord - 1 forrest acre/yr grows 1/6 cord, 20 cu ft, wood
      HHV - High Heat Value of dry wood is 7600-9600 BTU/Lb. Low ash are
      KwHr -3413 KwHr = 1MBTU (1 KwHr = 1000 wattHr)
      BTU - Energy to raise 1 lb pure water from 60 to 61 deg F at 1
      atm.=1055 joules.
      MMBTU - Heat of One million BTU is a common unit of heat measure for
      all fuels.
      $/MBTU - American dollar per million BTU is a common unit of cost
      measure for all fuels.
      50MBTU - Fifty million BTU energy is the average annual comparison
      for American homes.
      BOD - Barrel oil per Day, 5.8MBTU/barrel, 1700KwHr, 42gal/barrel,
      7.2barrel/ton, 6.1GJ
      Quad - 172Million BOD barrel oil per day
      Units Weight = pound or ton
      Units volume = ccf, cord, gallon, or bushel
      Units energy - BTU, MBTU, 50MBTU, Joules, KwHr
      x106 - Ten times ten to the sixth power. Just add six zeroes and call
      it a million!
    • Cornstoves
      Click on Files for a 200 year history of prices in bar graph form.
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        Click on Files for a 200 year history of prices in bar graph form.
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