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Corn Cost Less - Corn Combustion Reduces Global Warming

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  • tennesseecornstoves
    Corn cost less and is clean. Corn heat improves the atmosphere by converting a net positive amount of CO2 to oxygen. Members of the Kyoto protocol admit they
    Message 1 of 4 , Nov 13 8:52 PM
      Corn cost less and is clean. Corn heat improves the atmosphere by
      converting a net positive amount of CO2 to oxygen. Members of the
      Kyoto protocol admit they are shooting themselves in the foot. The
      Clean Development Mechanism (CDM) pays two Chinese companies over $1
      billion to reduce 100 million tons CO2 equivalents. 500 million tons
      CO2 equivalents are produced by the two companies to eliminate 100
      million tons CO2. CDM also pays six other companies for similiar
      results. Lend an ear for kernels of wisdom straight from Kyoto
      Protocol. If corn doesn't heat your system, this will.

      In cornplace@yahoogroups.com, "cornstoves" <cornstoves@...> wrote:
      > To legally generate electricity and avoid penalties for excessive
      > pollution, each of the local utilities purchase carbon pollution
      > credits.
      > Global carbon market money
      > $21.5 Billion - Jan to Sep, 2006
      > $11.06 billion - Jan-Dec 2005
      > The World Bank and the International Emissions Trading Association
      report an amount equal to $70 per person per year in the US for
      excess electrical pollution credits that exceed the $90/yr normal
      approved pollution credits.
      > Normal generation of good clean electricity in the US alone emitts
      an approved and usual 9 billion tons pollution annually or
      approximately 30 tons/yr for each of the 300 million people residing
      in the US.
      > A Tennessee married couple heating the home with corn can cut
      pollution by 30 tons each year valued at $90 per year for the usual
      pollution plus the $70/yr for excess electrical pollution for a total
      amount of $160/yr annually for every US occupant. The fact is that
      $160 for corn heats many Tennessee homes a full season with less than
      1% or one pound of carbon emission.
      > Utilities purchased excess pollution credits at EPA auction for $1-
      $3 per ton. Utilities now trade millions of those same excess
      pollution credits for up to $6000 per ton or over $21.5 billion in 9
      months of 2006.
      > To avoid the cost of excess pollution credits, logical local
      utilities pay customers to offset generation by using renewable solar
      or wind energy generation. The utility reduces cost by avoiding the
      necessity to trade expensive energy credits. California and North
      Carolina laws reward locals the most for renewable energy.
      > TVA charges customers extra to purchase electricity generated with
      renewable or "green" energy. In 2006 the GAO caught TVA selling twice
      the "green energy" in 2005 that TVA nameplate generators were capable
      of generating. Sarbanes Oxley does not apply to government officials
      of TVA, the lone government agency other than the IRS that collects
      more money than it spends.
      > Go figure?
      > Call it freedom of choice, free enterprise, free society, brilliant
      marketing, supply and demand, politics. Reality is corn heat saves
      money, reduces waste, reduces pollution, and reduces global warming
      by converting a net positive amount of carbon credits to oxygen.
      > --- In cornplace@yahoogroups.com, "cornstoves" <cornstoves@> wrote:
      > >
      > > Dulaney Farms, south of Clarksdale, Miss reports yields of 280
      > > bushels per acre. Enough corn to heat four average American homes
      > > per acre. Costs to produce the corn crop in 2006 was $429.85 per
      > > acre or about $100 per heated home.
      > >
      > > They figure a 210-bushel yield will breakeven at around $2.05/bu.
      > > If they sell their corn at $2.95, they would recognize a profit of
      > > $189.65 per acre or $189,650 on the 1000 acre plot.
      > >
      > > 1000 acre of Dulaney corn could heat 3,000 to 4,000 average
      > American
      > > homes. Dulaney Farm in Miss would make $189,000/yr profit.
      > > At $3/bu each home is heated for $100 to $300/yr.
      > >
      > > The farm locked in prices for corn this season at $2.55/bu.
      > > yields for this season came in around 214 to 221,depending on the
      > > fields.
      > >
      > > 300 million US citizens reside in 100 million homes.
      > > 2 million farms each heat 50 homes will heat all 100 Million US
      > > homes! on 25-30 million acres of corn.
      > > Listen up America! There is 40 million acres the USDA pays farmers
      > > NOT TO GROW and leave ideal each year. About half of that idle
      > land
      > > will heat every home in America at 80 degrees F all winter if only
      > > every home had a Model 7100 NESCO Amaizablaze Corn Stove
      > > manufactured in Cookeville, Tennessee.!!!
      > >
      > > Whe WEST is the BEST. The East is the Beast! Can corn Westernize
      > > eastern governments of Iran, North Korea, Venzeula, Syria, Lebanon
      > > so locals can be free? Will western energy continue to be totally
      > > subsurvent to Eastern terrorist? The decision is personal. Save
      > > money. Save local American farms. OR Continue to throw all caution
      > > to the Eastern wind of fanatical doctrine.
      > >
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