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Nitrous Boost at Drag Strip

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  • Harry & Linda Clift
    Rick, Nitrous Oxide injection at the drag strip will boost dragsters engines into the winner s circle. Why do engines exhaust nitrous oxide into the atmosphere
    Message 1 of 5 , Dec 1, 2005
      Rick, Nitrous Oxide injection at the drag strip will boost dragsters engines into the winner's circle.
      Why do engines exhaust nitrous oxide into the atmosphere rather than convert nitrous oxide into power? To harness the full power of that nitrous oxide would certainly be an asset rather than spew potential energy out the exhaust.

      Heat out the exhaust of a stove is an obvious waste of energy that
      should be harnessed. Nitrous oxide out the exhaust of a stove is a
      waste of energy. The formation of nitrous oxide will consume
      energy. To prevent or minimize the formation of nitrous oxide
      during combustion provides equal energy for harness.

      The corn stove is designed to minimize carbon monoxide, carbon
      dioxide, nitrous oxides and thusly maximize the combustion
      efficiency by releasing heat energy equal to the energy of the
      nitrous oxide, carbon dioxide, and carbon monoxide not formed.

      The energy output of a corn stove is similiar to an auto engine
      powered by nitrous oxide plus carbon oxides and hydrogen. Corn is
      34% hydrogen. Free air provides the nitrogen and oxygen. Corn
      provides the carbon. The corn stove injects nitrogen and oxygen from
      free air to convert each and all to individual elements releasing
      maximum heat energy rather than consuming energy to form complicated
      equations (CO, CO2, NO, NO2, N2O, HO2, HO, H20 (water). The experts
      will question this response for years to come but,now and then, how
      many of the experts can explain a corn stove in operation?

      Rick, Hope this helps.
      Harry and Linda

      --- In cornplace@yahoogroups.com, r h <rhrmotors@y...> wrote:
      > Harry:
      > Please tell me more about the engineered reasons why as 7100 is
      so highly (combustionable) efficient. I understand the heat exchange
      efficiencies with the secondary heat exchage, etc
      > But the 98 percent combustion efficient... wow is that good!
      Please get technical on us as I would love to learn more. My
      neighbor is putting a 7100 in soon, so I will share with him all you
      have taught us about this.
      > Also, with all the help from you regarding the burn box mods and
      maintenace tips and inside air, etc... the 2100 of mine is better
      than ever (for what it is). It really might do the job this year
      with no supplmental heat. I think I have achieved better than 30,000
      btu with it, but have no way to prove it. My out put temps are
      higher than ever, and I can prove that.
      > Thanks for all your support and help
      > Rick
      > from Medina, Ohio

      > Harry & Linda Clift <haclift@y...> wrote:
      > Accurate Corn stove education may appear to be advertisement. We
      > very hard to achieve thorough education and accurate advertisement
      > of all brands and models of corn stoves. Corn stove facts are
      > important to all of us.
      > To my knowledge, the Model 7100 NESCO Amaizablaze corn stove,
      > Cookeville, Tennessee is the most efficient corn stove of all
      > with 98% combustion efficiency and 70,000 BTU/Hr output rating as
      > compared to 30,000 BTU/Hr for the Model 2100. Expect about 5
      > gallons of potash cake annually or less than 1% loss. Homes,
      > Nurseries, Small business and Farms are cutting heating cost with
      > whole kernel shelled corn fuel. Please feel free to ask for
      > technical information as to why the Model 7100 is the most
      > corn stove in both combustion and heat transfer.
      > Well informed ones are purchasing corn stoves. Quickly get on the
      > slow 12-13 week waiting list for a new corn stove. Every American
      > lives near at least one of the two million local renewable corn
      > energy producers. Corn fuel retailers exceed 10 million suppliers
      > and include local farms throughout Amercia, Xmart, Farm Co-op's,
      > Southern States, local grain elevators, or farm supply. Three
      > oil companies terrorize earth with a real or perceived shortage of
      > fuel. Two major suppliers furnish Canadian or Missippi wood for
      > pellets.
      > The American farm is the fabric that feeds, nurtures and holds
      > earthlings in orbit. People spend hundreds or thousands feeding
      > terrorist oil tycoons but hesitate to save, conserve energy, and
      > help the local friendly American farmer feed his face and family
      > spending $200 to $500 per year for home heating corn fuel in some
      > parts of America. Corn stove dealers from NY to Tenn offer corn
      > energy.
      > For quick access to corn stove photos, also please visit:
      > http://webpages.charter.net/clift
      > www.groups.yahoo.com/group/cornstoves
      > www.groups.yahoo.com/group/cornplace
      > www.msnusers.com/clift
      > www.msnusers.com/cornstoves
      > www.msnusers.com/clift/biz
      > www.cornstoves.info
      > www.amaizablaze.com
      > Corn stove demand exceeds supply. Please order corn stoves from
      > local corn stove dealer of choice at least 13 weeks prior to
      > scheduled installation. All known corn stove factory inventory is
      > sold out for all American and Canadian made corn stoves through
      > Janurary 2006.
      > The average American home uses 50 MBTU/yr energy and can be heated
      > with a 98% efficient corn stove converting 75 bushel of corn fuel
      > heat energy. At a farm price of $3/bu x 75 equals $225 annual
      > cost or $450/yr at $6/bushel. Kentucky corn farms record 150-200
      > corn per acre per yr. An equal amount of EPA compliant good clean
      > (?) electrical energy produces 15-30 TONS of pollution each year.
      > To produce an equal amount of heat the corn stove will produce
      > 5 gallons of potash fertilizer each year, one pound of carbon
      > monoxide (CO), and convert a net positive 484 pounds of carbon
      > dioxide (CO2) to oxygen for the benefit of human lungs. Please
      > the web site links for source references (Sierra Club, USDA, US
      > Is Corn fuel the all allusive and near perfect hydrogen fuel the
      > government spends billions to produce from natural gas? Safe clean
      > environmental friendly transportable storable locally annually
      > renewable edible whole kernel shelled corn fuel consists of 34%
      > hydrogen and over 60% carbon. Cost effective corn production,
      > storage, transportation, distribution of corn fuel energy
      > exist locally in every large and small American community. The
      > American farmer rescues Americans once again by selling shelled
      > for 200 years at a stable wholesale price (see
      > http://webpages.charter.net/clift).
      > Corn stoves has a policy of zero tolerance and will permanently
      > spammers, bouncers, and search engine professional gossip
      > syndicates. Easily identfiied by the content of the conversation
      > including but not limited to parrot type postings, multiple
      > addresses for single agencies, off-topic comments, inaccurate,
      > misleading or incomplete information, irresponsible comments,
      > arrogant demeanor, comments inconsistent with corn stove knowledge
      > or corn energy experience. Specified agencies are requested to
      > please leave corn stoves immediately or be permanently banned.
      > Let us know how we may help regarding corn stoves.
      > Harry and Linda
      > 256 Oak Lane
      > Bluff City (Bristol), Tennessee
      > near Bristol NASCAR Racetrack
      > Off Exide Drive (Hwy 394/11E junction)
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    • Cornstoves
      In Mountain City, Tn visit The Trading Post. Talk to Cindy. See Model 7100 and 4100 in action. In Abingdon, Va visit Sam Rock s Produce. Talk to Sam or
      Message 2 of 5 , Oct 13, 2007
        In Mountain City, Tn visit The Trading Post. Talk to Cindy. See Model
        7100 and 4100 in action.
        In Abingdon, Va visit Sam Rock's Produce. Talk to Sam or Jarrod. See
        the Model 7100 in action.
        In Bristol, Tn near the NASCAR racetrack off Exide Drive look for the
        corn stove mobile unit. See the Model 2100 and 4100 in action.
        In Johnson City, visit the Tri-City Flea Market, Hwy 11E toward Bristol
        South of NASCAR Racetrack every Saturday 8:00 am - 12 noon. See the
        Model 2100 and 4100 in action. Talk to Linda or Hopelyn.
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