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598Global Cooling - Cap and Trade - Freon elimination - Energy Prices

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  • TennesseeCornStoves
    Dec 8, 2010
      The earth is cooling. Since 1999, global temperatures continue to decline. Global change continues to cycle as usual.
      If dirty fuel caused global warming, why would global authorities continue to use foreign Saudi oil but decline to use American coal, American oil, good clean American natural gas which is plentiful in Pennsylvania/Virginia/W Va/Ohio/Utah/Alabama, Biomass and corn fuel?

      Note that there was a global temp increase and no decrease in global temperatures in 1970 when Aerosol legislation made illegal the use of low cost gas for air conditioners freon-12 (f-12).

      Note that from 1999 until 2010, the global temperature is no longer posted. There has been a remarkable decrease in global temperature during from 1999 until 2010. Climate gate theorist would never allow global temperatures to be revealed unless there was in increase.
      Also note that the global warming reference below has removed all graphs of global temperature versus global gas which clearly show that global temperature always preceed changes in global gas content.


      Comparison of ground based (blue) and satellite based (red: UAH; green: RSS) records of temperature variations since 1979. Trends plotted since January 1982.
      1880-2009 global mean surface temperature difference relative to the 1961–1990 average