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585Another Utility To Increase Rates - Plot

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  • TennesseeCornStoves
    Sep 3, 2010
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      Close down more power plants and blame the high cost of purchased power for increased rates. How dumb does the government think the public to be? The plot works so well, TVA decides to close down even more power plants. They do burn that dirty ole black fossil laden coal that causes fed med to cost so much.

      TVA to idle nine coal-fired units

      24 August 2010-- The Tennessee Valley Authority (TVA) said that it will idle nine coal-fired electric generating units, totaling about 1,000 MW, at three of its power plants beginning in fiscal year 2011.

      Those units are: Shawnee Unit 10 in Kentucky, John Sevier Units 1 and 2 in Tennessee, and Widows Creek Units 1-6 in Alabama. The company said it has plans to replace some of its older and less-efficient coal-fired units with other low-carbon and carbon-free power generation, and the announcement comes one day after TVA said it would invest $250 million in a new reactor at the Bellefonte nuclear power plant in Alabama.

      Two units at the Widows Creek plant will be idled in fiscal year 2011, and four other units there will be idled between 2011 and 2015. Shawnee Unit 10 will be idled and evaluated for possible conversion to biomass fuel. Two units at John Sevier will be idled within the next four to five years, and natural gas-fired units are currently under construction at the plant.