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584Biomass Is Not From Saudi Arabia

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  • TennesseeCornStoves
    Sep 3, 2010
      If not supplied from Saudi Arabia, any and all other US energy supplies will be ruled illegal.

      Biomass energy boiler rule could decrease chances of meeting renewable standards

      26 August 2010-- The Biomass Power Association (BPA) said if the Environmental Protection Agency adopts its proposed Boiler Maximum Achievable Control Technology (MACT) rule, it could bring an end the biomass industry and decrease the likelihood that the U.S. would meet its renewable energy goals.

      The Biomass Power Association submitted detailed comments and suggestions in a letter to the EPA August 23. In the letter, BPA asks the EPA to consider allowing facilities to demonstrate that emissions of certain pollutants do not pose a public threat, subcategorize units and provide facilities with the opportunity to meet standards at reasonable costs and to use a method to set emissions standards that are based on what the real world best performing units actually can achieve.

      "It is unfair to expect the biomass industry, which contributes significantly to the nation's power supply and renewable energy goals, to adhere to emissions standards above and beyond the standards applied to other industries," said BPA president and CEO Bob Cleaves during a conference call. "We hope to work with the EPA to develop emissions standards that reasonably apply to our industry while protecting public health and the environment."

      The boiler MACT rule, if passed, would increase emissions standards for biomass facilities across the country. The Department of Energy said that biomass could potentially supply as much as 14 percent of the nation's overall energy by the year 2030.