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444Wnglander add on furnace. Is it convertable?

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  • tennesseecornstoves
    Mar 8, 2009
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      The six months wait for delivery for my cornstove could have saved enough money to pay for the stove. There was no federal benefit package in 2007. D Parker waited all summer 2008 until Jan 2009 and just now got delivery of his New Harman corn stove. The Harman cost $4200 for 40,000 BTU/hr and would't run brand new because the computer card was bad.

      cornplace@yahoogroups.com, "lightningnuggets" <lightningnuggets@...> wrote:
      > Have you figured out how to keep the corn stirred?
      > --- In cornplace@yahoogroups.com, "skastelic@" <skastelic@> wrote:
      > >
      > > I would like to change my add on furnace to Corn only. Has any one done
      > > this? Is it possible? I have burnt about 10% corn with little problem
      > > other than it is hotter. I assume I will have to slow the auger more
      > > than the controll board will allow at this time. It is a good solid
      > > steel unit I dont think it will warp or crack. I've used it about 6
      > > years now. Pellets are geting really hard to find the past few years.
      > > Any help out there or suggestions where to go?
      > >
      > > Steve
      > >
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