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389Relative Humidity Altitude Adjustment

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  • biomasselectricity
    Oct 9, 2008
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      Cut the heat bill in half by maintaining 50% RH.
      It takes twice the energy to heat moist air as is required to heat dry
      air at 50% RH. Dry air that escapes cost only half the cost of moist
      air that escapes the house.
      All houses leak when the door opens for egress. Some houses leak like
      an air filter with the door closed.
      Cut the heat bill in half if the room air is kept at 50% RH.

      The reason no one ever told you this is because, with conventional set
      point swinging temperature, the RH can not be controlled. Only the
      steady heat of a corn stove can control room RH. The corn stove must be
      run steadily for several days, up to two weeks, to stabalize the room
      moisture at the desired per cent relative humidity.

      And now you know why a corn stove will use so much fuel the first two
      weeks running at a warmer temperature. The corn stove may use as much
      fuel during damp warm weather as during cold dry weather. Thusly the
      frozen dry Northern locations save more energy than the southern damp
      locations. Frozen air is dry air.

      --- In cornplace@yahoogroups.com, "cornstoves" <cornstoves@...> wrote:
      > http://www.coolerado.com/ Humility is relative. Adjust for attitude.
      > Humidity is also relative. RH must be adjusted for altitude. Check
      > charts to see the scientific measure for relative humidity. Sorry,
      > attitude and humility are not technically plotted however the human
      > personal comfort zones are plotted relative to relative humidity.
      > Relative Humidity is also relative to altitude or absolute pressure.
      > Personal comfort zones vary with location, altitude, from winter to
      > summer. Higher altitudes are more comfortable. Lower altitudes keep
      > under pressure. Higher altitudes take the pressure off. The series
      > psychrometric charts show the difference.
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